Pretending I'm A Superman Documentary
April 18 2017 by: ROOK Master wiz
One of the people who helped make some of the Greatest Tony Hawk games of all time is in the process of making a documentary about the Series. Be sure to go check out their funding page and be sure to donate. Read More

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 Confirmed/screenshots!
May 5 2015 by: GlitchMasterBiz
Robomodo presents; Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5! Gameinformer gives us an exclusive first look including 20 screenshots, a brief write-up of new features, and confirming some skaters! (Tony Hawk, Riley Hawk, Chris Cole, Andrew Reynolds, and more!) Read More THPS5 Logo

Tony Hawk 5/thps5 Title Leaked?!
April 10 2015 by: GlitchMasterBiz
It looks like the next Hawk title (or working title) has been (un)officially announced! A caterer at a Hawk event posted a photo that has a "Tony Hawk 5" logo in the background. Josh Tsui posted a pic of the same event, possibly confirming Robomodo as devs for the next installment! Read More

Thugpro Glitches Being Added!
February 16 2015 by: GlitchMasterBiz
THUGPro Glitches are being added! The glitches being posted are exclusive to THUGPro and will help keep the dust off your glitching cap for when the new Hawk title drops this year! Go check them out and give them a try! THUGPRO Glitch Database